Do Not Forget That Home Security Includes Securing Garages and Sheds

Perhaps it’s time you expand your idea about home security. Many people believe it sufficient to add a security system and forget about taking any additional steps to increase one’s home security. Those individuals may soon discover that the home alarm is only as efficient as the home’s weakest link allows it to be.

In other words, a homeowner can have one of the best home security systems but still experience a crime against property if they have not secured the home first. Each point of entry, the doors and windows, needs to be secured. This includes adding locks, securing the doorframe or window frame to the wall stud, and other measures.

Furthermore, one must expand the definition of what constitutes their property. The home with four walls is not the only structure you may be trying to secure. best and cheapest home security Home security can include separate garages and sheds as well, along with the land that surrounds those structures. Within a fenced-in area, a homeowner often leaves valuable objects and perhaps even keeps windows and doors unlocked.

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Here, you will be given a short list of questions to ask yourself in order to focus your efforts to garages and sheds specifically. A lot of talk is made with regard to one’s windows and doors, but often to the exclusion of the secondary structures that homeowners try to secure. The garages and sheds often contain highly valuable items but go unprotected. Here is a brief list of questions to ask yourself to learn more about your property and focus your efforts to make it more secure.

1. Do you have heavy-duty locks on your garages and sheds? You don’t have to necessarily have the strongest locks available but it depends on the valuables being stored as well as personal tastes.

2. Is your shed within a fenced-in area; and if so, is the fenced-in area secured with a heavy-duty lock?

3. If your garage is connected to your home, like many are, do you have a deadbolt installed in the door that connects to the house? All exterior doors should have a deadbolt, even the door that only connects to the garage.

4. Do you regularly lock the door that connects the garage to your home or do you rely on the garage door being closed? If this has become a habit, you never know when you might leave your garage door open for too long and allow a burglar to enter your home. It is a good practice to regularly lock the door leading into your home from the garage.

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