Amnesia Feminized Seeds


$31.00 for 10 seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Amnesia Feminized is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..

Amnesia Feminized Seeds are known to offer a happy high moment to the consumers. This cannabis is intense and helps people struggling with any kind of emotional disorders like stress, anxiety and depression. Buy Amnesia Feminized Seeds online and it will brighten your mood and will pull you out of the experience of a bad day. It can help you to get better sleep if you haven’t slept well for a long time. It will fight with your stress and will give you a feeling of relaxation.

Merits- Fruity flavor, eases pain

Uses- For a deep sleep and relaxation, treats anxiety and depression

Amnesia Feminized Seeds for sale are high in demand so grab them before they go out of stock. These can be grown outside and inside as well. You can try using the harvest in your bakery edibles also. Order Amnesia Feminized Seeds online and see the effect.