Big Bud Automatic Seeds


$60.00 for 10 seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Big Bud Automatic (Autoflowering) is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..

Big Bud Automatic Seeds are the update of Big Bud which produces large, hard and highly potent buds. The quality of buds it produces has set a benchmark for all other cannabis plants and no other variety of cannabis have defeated it till date. Big Bud Automatic Seeds for sale will bring the latest upgraded variety of these cannabis seeds. They grow easily and there is no extra burden on the growers to take care of these plants in a certain specific way. The resinous hashish smells pungent, sweet and fruity.

Merits- Long lasting effect, fruity aroma, sweet taste

Uses- For relaxation, wide range of medical applications

Buy Big Bud Automatic Seeds online from our website. The good balance of THC and CBD in this variety makes it very useful for many medical applications. Order Big Bud Automatic Seeds online now and get a chance to avail some exclusive offers.