Gorilla Glue Strain

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smoked in a free preroll from Urban Wellness in Albuquerque NM. tested at 24.13%THC and 0.08%CBD. very nice piney skunk taste. pretty strong hitting, will definitely make you cough here and there. very warm, deep body buzz, with a very small sense of a head high. a fairly good hybrid, I still prefer GG#4, but this is very nice also. recommend to anyone that likes hybrids or indica’s. helps good with sleep, appetite, …”

A medicinal plant which helps with appetite, Gorilla Glue Strain comes with a warm yet a very strong fragrance. Belonging to the category indica, this hybrid medicinal plant is one of the most used medicinal plants all over the globe. It was introduced in the market in 2016 and has been consistently used by people since then. It has bagged several Cannabis Cup awards as well. Hence, this medicinal plant has no looking back. Buy Gorilla Glue Strain online and ensure you get treated well very soon. Also, Gorilla Glue Strain is up for sale and people are rushing into their screens like anything to order it online. So what are you waiting for? Grab your laptop and make your first order if this medicine has been prescribed by your doctor for experiencing best results. Pain is also treated with this plant. Moreover, it’s the best medicine to treat sleeplessness.