Liberty Haze


$270.00 per oz
Look – Long thick colas with high trichome coverage and contrasting red and purple hairs.

Liberty Haze has high trichome coverage and its effect is more intense than other hybrid seeds. Owing to the high intensity, it hits the user quickly, taking lesser time than other seeds which fall in the same category. You must buy Liberty Haze online and see how it transforms you into a happier version of yourself. Being a perfect hybrid product among all, you may find Liberty Haze for sale and seek maximum benefits from the same.

Merits- Very different lime taste with a tinge of sweetness

Uses- To escape depression and anxiety

Buy Liberty Haze and see how it pulls you out of your depression. Also, it fights anxiety and makes you more peaceful. If you wish to have something rejuvenating, then Liberty Haze is the best option. It gives you a cerebral high, making you feel the happiest. So hurry up and check out our online store soon.