LSD Kush


$290.00 per oz Look – This stuff is frost covered with orange hairs. Trichomes are nice and long too.

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Covered completely with orange hair, LSD Kush comes with long and beautiful trichomes. It gives mind a trip and you would feel completely euphoric. With an earthy and musky smell to it, LSD Kush is the perfect mood enhancer one can ever come across. The light green buds frost covered with orange hair make it a beautiful product to be owned. So uplift your mind and buy LSD Kush online. You can also find LSD Kush for sale on various platforms. Ensure that you grab the best deal.

Merits- Cerebral effect, sweet taste

Uses- Fights depressions and acts as a great mood enhancer

Buy LSD Kush with high potential and enjoy how it takes over your mind without much effort. This particular medicinal plant has a lot to offer as it lets you stay calm even with stress. Enjoy the hassle free process of finding it online on our store.