OG Kush


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The orange colored hair on this strain make it beautifully attractive. OG Kush has small but dense nuggets and has a very strong smell as well. The fragrance is very distinct and flowery, something that many people can’t stay away from. Also, with various shades of green, it’s nothing but a treat to the eyes. It is very smooth on the tongue, so you should go online and immediately buy OG Kush.

Merits- Flowery fragrance

Uses- For making your mind and body relaxed and at ease.

You may very well look for OG Kush for sale and head to our online pharmacy store. You will see the difference when you will smoke the huge nuggets of OG Kush. The effect is absolutely superb, making you feel completely out of the world. This strain is of the highest quality and has been graded A+++ by innumerable users all across the world.