Purple Crack Strain


270$ per ounce

Purple Crack strain on my latest trip to SFVDM in Van Nuys, CA. This was my first time seeing this strain and I was immediately intrigued upon hearing its name.

The Purple Crack strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is becoming increasingly prevalent in California. It stems from two classic strains that are each often praised for their floral characteristics and uplifting effects.

With a mix of purple and dark green colors, Purple Crack Strain has stems derived from two amazingly classic strains which have unique properties of their own. It is a sativa dominant hybrid plant and is used mostly around California. It has the genes of Juicy Fruit Strain which makes it fruity in taste as well as aroma. You may buy Purple Crack Strain online for owning the best quality strain. It will slow down your speed as compared to other types of strain and will act as a decent energy booster. The effects of this plant can be observed immediately so you need not wait for a longer duration to feel on top of the world and at absolute peace. It is definitely a cerebral experience which stays with you for a really long period of time. If you find Purple Crack Strain for sale, you must buy instantly.