Purple Kush Feminized Specifications


Thc 18%

CBD 0.52%

Indica 100%

Sativa 0%

Yield Indoor 550 Grams (19 ounces) m2

Yield Outdoor 850 Grams (30 ounces) m2

Height Indoor 90 cm

Height Outdoor 180 cm

Flower time 8 to 9 weeks

Harvest month October


A plant which looks like a flower bearing shrub, Purple Kush Feminized took birth in California and is a hybrid seed. A mix of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghan, it undeniably has the best qualities of both its parent seeds. Its leaves are full of raisins and have been beautifully colored in purple. It can be grown outdoors and when used, it does smell dank. Experience a state of total relaxation after consuming it. You may buy Purple Kush Feminized specifications online so that you stay well informed. Also, the availability and accessibility of Purple Kush Feminized Specifications for sale can be tapped if we really wish to own this medicinal plant and enjoy its benefits. It helps in minimizing stress and pain. It also works for people who stay sleep deprived and wait for a good sound sleep. You may expect a calm mind once you have consumed it.